Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I recently had a chance to do some logo design for a good friend. Here's a basic premise for his company, "Crushed Butterfly:"

Crush an iridescent butterfly wing, and you will see a shocking blue colour turn into a dull and muddly mess. This is because iridescence, such as is found on the wing of a Morpho butterfly, relies on a finely-tuned, multi-layered physical structure to produce its otherwise impossible colours.

Crushed Butterfly operates on the belief that, similarily, hidden in the visuality of everyday things, is a physical infrastructure that can give new dimension to common ideas; a language that relies more on architecture than memory to achieve communication. Our aim is to produce graphics with 'structural colour', graphics that, like the wing of the Morpho butterfly, make intelligent use of space and structure to brilliant effect.

It's a pretty intriguing idea, and I'm looking forward to see how its implemented!