Sunday, September 14, 2008


First of all a massive thanks to everyone who stopped by and voted! Round 1 was a close contest down to the wire, with the Orangutan ultimately triumphing by a mere three votes. (For the record, I voted bulldog)

Also, I've decided to change the format of the contest, at a friend's suggestion. Instead of having one winner each week to end up with four total champions in four separate events, I've decided to up the stakes a little...


As of today, the champion of each round (in this case the Orangutan) will move on to the next round to meet the champion from a different event (I know it's not very Olympic-y, go cry to your mother). Which means a Final Four, resulting in ONE CHAMPION (bwu-hahahaha) from all twelve animal participants. Sorry, Bulldog and Warthog: your journey ends here.

So choose your animal wisely, rally support and check the bracket above for matchup dates. May the best animalympian win!

Last off - a big thanks to the fine folks at the RedFence Project for the plug.
The RedFence Project is a budding collective of Los Angeles area artists whose members run the gamut from fire sculptors to film-makers and everything inbetween.

After getting their start online, they published their first ever print edition last month, a compelling mix of stories, poetry, photos, and eclectic reviews (Ever wondered what the "Best Tea for Breaking Up" is?). I bought one, read it cover to cover, and highly recommend it.